Quentin Reynolds
Quentin Reynolds
The Live Interview
Who IS Quentin Reynolds?

Quentin feels he was very lucky to have his interest in mentalism blossom in the early 1990’s, so his performing style was well established before the strong influence of Derren Brown exerted itself on more recent perfromers. Ted Lesley was an early mentalism mentor, emphasising the importance of strong presentation and powerful effects, regardless of method.
Quentin honed his act performing for ladies groups before starting his weekly one-man show in Dublin which ran for five years. He moved to Manchester, England in 2003.
While perfectly at ease doing his full show, Quentin had done very little close-up work until 2006, but now it forms a significant part of his income. While not an inventor of effects, his real gift lies in routining, blending effects and ideas into powerful perfromance pieces.
Quentin Will Be Confessing:
  • Two strong ideas that work with any Confabulation routine, both of which are in my working repertoire.
    • The perfect icebreaker for an informal party or get-together. It’s also ideal for radio interviews.
    • Quentin’s approach to the Tossed Out Deck.
    • A secret source of lines and ideas for psychic readers.
    • A long lost routine that Quentin has modernized into a powerful three-phase piece that is such fun that people want to get involved.
    • Developing your style and image as a professional performer.
    • Professional close-up for mentalists.
    • If you have any questions you would like Quentin to address, please send them in advance.

  • The Confessions Of Real Mindreaders members area,
  • A complimentary .PDF of Quentin’s Confabulating Confabulation routine.
  • The FULL recording of the interview.

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