Peter Turner
Peter Turner
The Live Interview – 5pm EST / 10pm UK-time Thursday August 16th
A Bit About Peter Turner

Peter Turner, born 26/10/87 lives in West Yorkshire, England. Peter became interested in magic at the age of five, making the transition into mentalism at the age of fifteen and has been performing professionally for several years. His first book titled Devious Realities was published by the “Wizard” Kenton Knepper, who openly admitted he was fooled and impressed by Peter’s material and thinking.

Since then Peter has published several more books, has consulted for various performers around Europe and is ready to start his string of lectures/ workshops.

Peter is quickly becoming known for his unique thinking and over the last few months as created quite a stir in the mentalism community.


“Peter is at the forefront of a new generation of mentalists to whom, in a very real sense, the torch has been passed. When you’ve read and tried Peter’s material, I’m sure you’ll agree that the torch is in the right hands” – Bob Cassidy

“One of the most natural, realistic mentalists of our time, that I am proud to call my Student. Peter understands the important principles of adjustment, listening, Dual Reality and word power. That’s quite a set of tools and Peter applies these to construct his performance, so it looks not to be one. Or any part thereof” –  Kenton Knepper

“Peter Turner’s ideas are not only fresh,edgy and provocative but when used correctly they simply leave an audience with no choice but to believe that one can genuinely crack into craniums. I for one applaud him” – Keith Barry

Peter Turner is one of the most prolific thinkers in mentalism right now and he will be revealing for the very first time…

  • Emotional relevance of a routine – how to connect an audience to an effect before it even starts.
  • The Confirmation Principal (extremely clever and never revealed before – the closest I’ve seen to real mind reading).
  • Billetless Name/Place. Take the Dunninger ploy in a new direction.
  • The Pyramid Of Unknowing Sinners (How legends are born  and how to create your own)
  • Peter’s Senses Principal which shows you how to get the most out of a revelation.
  • Plus something Peter calls “The Grail” which I’ll not tell you about – you’ll have to join us to find out what this clever, devious idea is!

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