Mark Elsdon
Mark Elsdon
MARK ELSDON – The Live Interview

What does Mark Elsdon know that the rest of us don’t? Why is he one of the most sought after consultants for TV and live performances of magic and mentalism? How come he’s so damned creative? And what pet routines has he got under his belt that he’s never shared before?

A Bit About Mark Elsdon

Elsdon has been a professional performer for over 20 years, starting out as a close-up magician and magic bartender. Over the last decade he has focussed primarily on developing powerful and entertaining mentalism. He is an acclaimed author, a best-selling creator and an experienced consultant for TV and stage projects.

His ‘Mentalism Reveals’ series of books is influencing a new generation of mentalists to adopt Elsdon’s triple-threat approach to mentalism: aspire to perform only material that has an emotional impact on the audience, focus on presentations that are both entertaining and amazing and always ensure the performer’s memorability.

Sometimes we all lack inspiration, right? Elsdon’s ability to see magic and mentalism in every situation, coupled with his knowledge of the business, mean that you are guaranteed to be inspired by what he shares on this call.

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Elsdon Will Confess (For The First Time)…

In this frank and open interview, Elsdon discussed everything that you have ever wanted to ask about choice of material, creativity, how to market an effect and how Derren Brown has effected the world of Mentalism.

Elsdon explained  the full working of one of his favourite impromptu mentalism effects. No gimmicks, no props, just a conversation and a moment of amazement.

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  • The recording of the live, unedited confession.

Please note due to a technical snafu, the recording didn’t catch me asking the first question which was “how did you get in to mentalism?”. Apart from that teeny mishap every word is included and unedited.

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P.S. This is the very same Mark Elsdon who is currently consultant to Dynamo (Magician Impossible) and *********** (brand-new primetime show that he’s not supposed to talk about!).