Q. If I cannot attend the Confession live, am I able to get a recording?
A. Absolutely. This is included for every confession.

Q. Where are the Confessions I’ve paid for?
A. Hover your mouse pointer over My Confessions Vault and you should see the interview you paid for appear in a list under there.

Q. How do I contact you?
A. To ensure we don’t lose anyone’s messages we use a support ticket system. Click here to submit a support ticket.

Q. How do I submit my questions?
A. Once you’ve purchased a Confession, click on the interview page (in Your Confession Vault), you submit your questions using the question submission box at the bottom of this page. Question submission should be done no less than 24-hours before the event takes place to give us time to structure the interview.

Q. How do I listen in live to the event?
A. To save you long-distance telephone calls, you listen through a streaming web player over the internet right from the web page of the interview (inside of Your Confession Vault)

Q. Where are all of the Confessions?
A. They are in two places. Recorded events are under the Buy Recordings tab, and forthcoming events are under Scheduled Confessions.

Q. When will the replay of the recording be available?
A. Usually the recordings are available immediately after the Confession. However on some occasions, when the confession is held remotely it may take a few days (depending on my schedule and the earliest opportunity I have to get online).